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The Normine Lombard Process

Breathing new life into your recruiting challenge

Step One


We begin by understanding your exact recruiting needs. We want to know what stage you are in with the hiring process and what challenges you’ve had up until this point.

We are great at amplifying your efforts in order to fill that need. We want to know what the specific candidate looks like to you.

Ultimately, we want to know about your business and your culture so that we can find the ideal fit

Step Two


Based on our initial conversation we create a customized search involving research to identify a pool of people who are actively working and doing exactly what you are hiring for right now.

We then narrow that list as we cross-check to ensure we are targeting candidates at the correct technical level, from the right culture and with the necessary passion.

Step Three


Once we’ve identified the pool of candidates, we conduct a process of engaging with each individual in an effort to unlock their potential.

This approach uncovers those who are interested and a potential fit, those who are not, and yields referrals to others which we can add to the talent pool.

Step Four


From there we spend time with those individuals; help them see how well they would fit in your organization and ultimately attract them to you.

Because of the empathy and rapport, we build with them we are able to transition into the placement of the candidate with a strong success rate.

With the years of experience that we’ve had in this industry and the fact that we are a neutral party; we are able to provide the support that is needed to prepare candidates for transition into the final stage…placement.

Step Five


We are a full-service agency, and our process can be customized for your needs and internal resources.

We help with scheduling and work with candidates to ensure they know the dangers of a counter offer. We also have a policy that no offer will be extended which won’t be accepted.

We manage expectations on both sides and are the intermediary through the entire process. Once the offer is accepted we continue to stay in touch to ensure that the transition is smooth

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