Why hire Normine Lombard for recruitment?

photo of jeff lombard and amanda normine

Build a game-changing team for your orginzation.

Whether you are a hiring manager, an HR specialist, or the CEO of a company; you want to be surrounded by the best and the brightest. You want to make your competition shake in their boots at the thought of going up against you. Building a team that can change a category is a daunting task and that’s why we are here to assist.

Five reasons to hire us

(We edited this from a list of two thousand!)

– REASON 1 –
The ad you posted resulted in 100 resumes, however, none of them are even close to a fit

– REASON 2 –
You are launching a category and you thought “I wish I could recruit XYZ’s sales leader to help me get this off the ground”

– REASON 3 – 
You have a need so unique that finding the right candidate seems nearly impossible.

– REASON 4 – 
You need to create a team of capable individuals who all share the same passion

– REASON 5 – 
The position you’ve been trying to fill has been open for months and you’re starting to feel fatigued

Recruit us to recruit for you!